• Avocado roll
  • Ceviche bowl
  • Tres Leches cake

Latin Fusion

Our Concept

Republic Latin Fusion is a restaurant, bar & lounge that focus on creating unforgettable culinary experiences using quality ingredients, attention to detail, and top-notch service. We draw our inspiration from the culinary diversity of Latin America and fuse it with unique twists and flavors from Asia

Being from both Peruvian and Puerto Rican descent, the dishes come right from the heart. The menu is very personal to me because these are the flavors I grew up with and learned to cook with by watching my mother and father cook. I later grew a passion for Asian cuisine by working in kitchens like Morimoto, Nobu, Qi, and Spice Market. - Executive Chef

Bar Program.
Republic's beverage program reflects our passion for classic cocktails, a love for creative craft cocktails, and tireless dedication to spirits and their culture to bring the best out of each drink. Using freshly squeezed juices, in-house syrups, infusions, and knowledgeable staff we aspire to provide unforgettable experiences for all guests. - Beverage Director Christian Almonte

Curating an extraordinary guest experience by coupling great cuisine and beverage with attentive service, at a competitive price, in a fun, vibrant, and comfortable environment. We captivate all senses in order to fulfill our promise, from the tastebuds to the music vibrating through their bodies. - Operations Leads Michael Philippi & Syed Hossain